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Girl Meets High School Part 1 is in 14 DAYS!!! I just can’t wait. Also, Sabrina Carpenter(Maya)’s new movie Adventures In Babysitting is in a month as well as the release date is June 24.

So yeah just a small update.

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What are friends? What is a friend?

Google’s definition of the word friend is this : “a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection”. I agree, to a certain extent.

In my world, I separate my “friends” into 2 categories. Friends and True Friends.

My definition of friends is slightly different. Friends are people who you talk to in your life. You may or may not talk to them every day but you call them your friend because they know you and you know them. But recently I came to a conclusion. Friends are people who you talk to when you are bored and play a few games with in your spare time. Friends are the people who you seem to be close to but in reality, you don’t know much about them at all.

That’s where True Friends come in. You may ask: Who and what are True Friends? Well, let me explain. My definition of a True Friend is a person you may or may not talk to a lot. You may have never seen them in a long time(e.g 1 week, 1 month or even a year). However, these people are the people you trust the most. They are friends who are almost like your second family. You can trust them with anything, no matter the case. If you are having problems in school; bullying, homework or even failing a class, these True Friends are always there to comfort you. They won’t criticise you if you’ve done something wrong. They will accept you for who you are. Those are True Friends. How do you distinguish a True Friend from just a Friend? Well, it’s very simple really. Your true friends will be have your back no matter how bad the situation is. They will comfort you when you are feeling down and you will do the same towards them. These friends will do the most complicating, challenging task to make you happy. A Friend is just someone who doesn’t really care about your feelings or emotions. They just talk to you about interests that you and them may have or subjects that they are taking next year. I’ve got Friends and True Friends in my life. Many of them actually, and I hope throughout my life I make more people which I would add into that list of True Friends.

I was thinking about a very ironic fact a few weeks back and I messaged one of my friends about it. I only messaged this person because as I said above, I trust this person a lot.

The ironic thing is, I’ve never met this person in real life yet I trust them so much. This was what I told my friend. I told her that I know so many people that live around the world, mainly from my gaming experience when I was little(Minecraft). I have got almost 500 contacts on Skype and here’s the funny thing, more than half of those contacts are people I have never even met in real life. Parents always say “Stay away from people on the internet, they are DANGEROUS!” Sure, some people on the internet are hackers and terrible people that pose a threat to other people but MOST of the people on the internet are extremely nice.                                                                                                                                             The main ironic point was that in my list of True Friends, friends that I trust with anything in my life, most of them were people that I have never even met in real life. They trust me and I trust them. We have created a bond over the internet and that bond with someone else comforts you. Knowing that they are always there for you comforts you in the most pleasurable way possible.

You can probably guess from my posts that I’m not someone who gets to the main point immediately. You would be right if you said that xD

Anyways, what I am trying to say is find out who your Friends and your True Friends are. ALSO, people might tell you that the internet is a dangerous place. It is true, the internet is a dangerous place but it is also a place where you will meet people who you will never forget. Always remember that. Where there is darkness, there is always light and where there is evil, there is always good.

Thank You

Tails 🙂



“I support…”

Most of us are all fans/supporters of some kind of club, team or group. I am a fan myself of 2 teams, Manchester United(a football team) and TSM(A League Of Legends Team).

When I was 4, I was introduced to the sport as we all know today as football(or soccer). I was surrounded by people who played football and took a huge interest in the sport. So, at the age of 5 from the influence of the people surrounding me; my family, friends and neighbours I started watching football and started supporting a team. Yes, Manchester United. I won’t go on about my boring childhood as I am not here to talk about that.

I was a fan of the team Manchester United since the age of 5. Most of you probably know that Manchester United is one of the well known or “popular” clubs. Well, back in the day Manchester United was one of the best clubs in the world. In my mind, they were. Well, throughout the years, Manchester United have won consecutive Leagues. Until one year when their manager, Sir Alex Ferguson left the club. From then onwards, everything went downhill. Don’t worry, I’m getting to the point.

Today, I still support Manchester United. Even though they are performing so horribly in the league this season, I still support them because they are my one and ONLY team. What I am trying to say is that some people around the world(including some of my friends) support one team in the beginning, and then when they find out that their team is performing horribly, they automatically change who they support. Hate is a really strong word in my opinion but I really hate it when people keep changing from one team to another every single time the team they support fails. If YOU support a team, you need to support them for as long as they are there, even if they fail or win you keep supporting them.

These type of people are not so evident in football. But in the competitive stage of League of Legends, there are also many teams that people support. The team I support as I said above is TSM(Team Solo Mid). Back in the day, they were known as one of the top League Of Legends teams. Now, they are still one of the top but not as good as they were back then. I didn’t care though, I chose to support them and I will keep supporting them no matter what happens. I don’t support them because of just one player in their team. I support them because of their whole team, each and every one individual.

What I am trying to say is when you support something, if it is a team, group, band or anything for that matter, you need to stick by that team for the rest of your life. I know I might be slightly exaggerating when I say “rest of your life” but in my opinion, once you make your decision on something like this, you keep it.

Thank You

Tails 🙂

Just can’t wait!

The next episode of Girl Meets World is in 19 days!!! I just can’t wait for it. I’ve been counting down every minute and it’s driving me crazy. Anyhow, I heard from a recent post that Uriah Shelton(Joshua Matthews) will be returning in Season 3 to the show. If some of you haven’t heard, he got into a motorbike accident and got injured which was why he was excluded from several episodes. The producer Michael Jacobs also stated that Josh was going to make things much more complicated in Season 2 but due to the unfortunate accident, those events are now postponed to Season 3. I’m guessing this had something to do with Maya because who else could he be referring to?

Thanks for reading again!


Tails 🙂


Ask me anything!

Hey everyone! I know a lot of people reading won’t be interested in ONLY Girl Meets World. I don’t only watch that. I also watch many other shows like The Blacklist, Hawaii Five O, etc..

I’m also a pretty active gamer as I play games such as League Of Legends and CSGO. I used to play Minecraft and I still do occasionally when I get bored. I used to be a very experienced Minecraft player so ask me anything about Minecraft and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I also watch a lot of movies so feel free to discuss with me any movies you have watched or are planning to watch 🙂

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Hey Everyone!

I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m a 15 year old boy(moving on to 16 in a few weeks) who loves the TV Show Girl Meets World. Yeah, you may be wondering why a boy would be so obsessed with a show like Girl Meets World. Honestly, the moment I started watching the show from Season 1 Episode 1, I fell in love with it. The characters, the plot, and just everything about the show I could relate to. And not only that, but how almost every episode involves a moral lesson. Well, I know not many people will be reading this, but if you do, please message me and ask me questions or my opinions on episodes, relationships(Rucas, Lucaya, etc) and the characters in general.


Thank You


Tails 🙂